Our Impact

Our Impact

Since 2012, we’ve served many children living with cystic fibrosis and their families. We currently serve the Dallas and Fort Worth areas but are hoping to expand.


Our current programs include:

Back to School: we provide backpacks full of school supplies to over 500 children. These include school-aged children living with CF and their siblings.

Holiday Help: we provide 2 holiday gifts to each child in the families we serve (children living with CF and their siblings under 18). We also provide the family with a gift card to purchase their holiday dinner!

Comfort Totes and Dinner: When children are admitted to one of the local CF care centers for treatment, we have dinner delivered one night for the patient and the caregiver staying with them. A typical hospital stay for a CF patient is two weeks! We also provide a totes full of fun and necessary items. Our totes can include: toiletries, blankets, books, puzzles, games, pajamas, stuffed animals, coloring books, bubbles, chalk, and so much more. When the hospital is open to visitors, we also visit patients and hang out with them to help brighten their day a little!

Birthday cards: we send out birthday cards to all of our CF patients and their siblings under 18.

Parent/Caregiver Dinners: Each month we host a dinner where we provide the food and the parents/caregivers provide the conversation. These dinners are informal and each month looks a little different depending on the people attending and what they are currently going through.

Family Hardship Grants: We provide grants to our CF families to help with essential needs. We can help them pay rent, utilities, water, or other necessary things if they hit hard times.