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Welcome to Blue Caboose!        

         I'm so glad you found this community to provide much needed support when it comes to the trials of living daily with cystic fibrosis.  It is also a wonderful feeling to celebrate the big and the small victories with others who understand the complicated world of CF.  

        In 2017, it was my great honor to join Blue Caboose's board of directors.  What started out as a friend supporting another friend (our executive director, Kiri),  I quickly became passionate about Blue Caboose as I met many wonderful families and children that LIVE with CF, as well as our amazing board of directors!

        This is a very exciting time to be involved with Blue Caboose, as we watch researchers tirelessly release new data, manufacturers release new medicine, and doctors/hospitals recommend new and improved treatments.   Blue Caboose let's those industries do what they do best, while we focus on emotionally and financially supporting families LIVING with cystic fibrosis.

           In our mission statement, we always capitalize the word "living" as we know first hand you can live your life without actually LIVING it.   This is what we strive to help families do:  to LIVE.  We do this by providing holiday toys and school supplies, amongst other things, in hopes that families can take that money that would be spent and use it for either essential bills, or to do something fun with their family.

          Please tour all aspects of our new website!  Complete your profiles, check out other members profiles, and view our calendar of events (where you can also register).  There is even a form to fill out when you are admitted in the hospital so we can bring you food and activities!

        Thank you again for being part of our Blue Caboose family! 

Take care,

Kelli Rehn, President of Blue Caboose Children's Fund



Mom's Retreat 2019
Mom's Retreat 2019